Color Capture

This is a profesional use only stabilized cream developer available in concentrations of 10, 20, 30, and 40 volumes. Color Capture developer is specially formulated to mix easily with Professional hair coloring. The developer contains both aloe vera and conditioners to ensure that the hair is being protected and conditioned while color treatment is taking place.

Powder Bleach

Fast acting and dust free powder for bleaching cream. You control the speed and gentleness of the lift.

1.3oz CCB1
16oz CCPB16


20 Volume Liquid Clear Developer

32oz CCL2032
1gal CCL20G

10 Volume Cream Developer

4oz CCC104
8oz CCC108
16oz CCC1016
32oz CCC1032
1gal CCC10G

20 Volume Cream Developer

4oz CCC204
8oz CCC208
16oz CCC2016
32oz CCC2032
1gal CCC20G

30 Volume Cream Developer

4oz CCC304
8oz CCC308
16oz CCC3016
32oz CCC3032
1gal CCC30G

40 Volume Cream Developer

4oz CCC404
8oz CCC408
16oz CCC4016
32oz CCC4032
1gal CCC40G


50 Volume Cream Developer

32oz CCC5032
1gal CCC50G